GENERAL TERMS OF USE (version 14/06/2018 10:33:22)


BRIDGE has developed and made available the BRIDGE Platform ( as a Platform for networking between practitioners of dentistry (dentist, stomatologist, orthodontist, etc.) and dental prostheses laboratories.

Access and use of the Platform are subject to the present "General Terms of Use" (GTU) set out below, as well as the applicable laws and regulations.

Access and use of the Platform involve full and unreserved User compliance with these terms.

BRIDGE reserves the right to change, at any time, the GTU. In this case, the User acknowledges having been regularly informed of changes to the GTU either by notification to the e-mail address used and supplied by the User when registering, or by reporting changes to the Terms Of Use on the Platform.

Subject to a date stated at the foot of these terms and corresponding to recent changes, the modified Terms Of Use take effect on the day of their publication (publication).


The words and expressions starting with a capital letter are used within these terms, with the following meanings:

"Purchase order"
specifies the order of the Practitioner, once the Work request has been accepted by the Laboratory, and is the formation of the contract between the partners.
designates the company BRIDGE, a simplified joint-stock company with €10,000 capital, whose head office is at 25 rue Bleue 75009 Paris, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 839 568 219 RCS Paris.
refers to the list of Work(s) prices and services that can be undertaken by a Laboratory through the Platform.
refers to the maximum amount of Work a month a Laboratory wishes to take on, expressed in amount of the currency of order.
means these Terms Of Use.
"Main account"
is the account associated with the User when registering on the Platform.
"Collective content"
means all of the content collectively developed on the Platform, owned by BRIDGE for the needs of the correct functioning of the Platform and kept for this purpose.
"Summary coupon"
or "Delivery Coupon" designates the coupon containing information on the Work Request, the number of items and their description (excluding prices).
refers to Personal Data.
"Work request"
refers to the request to produce dentures made by a Practitioner to a Laboratory.
designates the dental impression taken by the Practitioner from the patient concerned and necessary for the Work.
is a group of at least two (2) Practitioners, one of which is designated as Team leader.
designates the option of faster delivery time for a surcharge.
refers User feedback and reviews on the Platform and its Services.
"Lab sheet"
designates the Work sheet accepted by the Laboratory.
"Work sheet"
refers to the order made by the Practitioner for the Work to be carried out by the Laboratory.
refers to the monthly plan that a Practitioner can subscribe to with a Laboratory.
means any building which, thanks to its authorizations, can make dentures.
means the BRIDGE Platform.
refers to any dental professional (dentist, orthodontist, etc.) that can, because of his degree, carry out a Work request.
refers to the page containing all of the information provided by the User and allowing the User to be identified, made public on the Platform.
means all of the Services offered by the Platform to the Users.
designates the accounts opened by the User under his Main account and having limited access to the Platform.
means the Sub-account Users that the User gave access to his Profile (employee, replacement, dental assistant, etc.)
refers to the stages of realization of dental prostheses.
means any Practitioner or Laboratory registered on the Platform.


The Platform is only accessible to Users. Only the homepage is accessible to all Internet Users.

Only those Practitioners or Laboratories, Users who have a currently valid identifier and are officially recognized by the country in which they practice are considered as Users of the site.

The User is required to provide accurate information, which he undertakes to update immediately in the event of any change in order to maintain the accuracy, relevance and completeness of this information.

Each registration is subject to moderation by BRIDGE. Moderation involves checking that the required fields are filled in and that the documents required by the payment system (MangoPay) are provided. Once the moderation procedure has been carried out, the User appears as "connected." This means that he now has access to the Platform Services.

Access to the User’s account is protected by a username and a password which he chooses. The User is solely responsible for any use which may be made of his ID and password, and is solely responsible for their confidentiality as well as any use of his account.

The User agrees to report to BRIDGE immediately any unauthorized use of his account that he becomes aware of.

If the User provides false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete data, or in any way violates the GTU, BRIDGE has the right to moderate, suspend or close his account and to refuse him access to all or part of the Services in the future.

BRIDGE may, for the purposes of transparency, prevention and detection of fraud, ask Users to provide identification issued by the public authorities.

In any case, BRIDGE makes no declaration, confirmation or approval regarding Users, their identity, their reliability, their seriousness or their background.

BRIDGE is not responsible for any User or any Profile.

The Platform is in theory accessible to Users 24/7 except in the case of any interruption, whether scheduled or not, for the purposes of maintenance or owing to force majeure.

In the event that it becomes impossible to access the Platform, BRIDGE is committed to doing its utmost to re-establish access. BRIDGE cannot be held responsible for any damage, of any kind whatsoever, as a result of the inaccessibility of the Platform.



When registering, the User is given a single User account.

However, the Platform permits the same User account to contain several Sub-accounts to enable the User to provide access, of whatever limitation, to other dental professionals who are associated with to him.

When opening the Sub-account, the User must check the role of the Sub-user. The role chosen determines the access of the Sub-users.

Each Sub-account has more or less restrictive features according to the role assigned to this Sub-account by the Main account User.

The Main account, however, remains unrestricted.


Each User Profile is created on the basis of the information provided by the User.

Only the information in the Laboratories’ Profile is made visible to other Users of the Platform.

All of the information in Practitioners’ profiles is only visible by a Laboratory where the Practitioner has published a Work sheet destined for the Laboratory. Otherwise, only the nickname of the Practitioner is visible.


During the creation of its Main account, the Laboratory publishes its Catalog with information on the various prostheses Works that it can carry out in a Work sheet.

The Catalog must specify all the information relating to the characteristics, availability, categories, products included, at the start of production, the price, the aesthetic quality, the standards adhered to, the warranty period, the terms of transport, the geographical areas for delivery and any information that is relevant or required relative for the Work(s).

The Laboratory can choose whether or not to include in its rates, within its Catalog, the costs of transport of Works and Impressions.

When the Laboratory adds new products to its Catalog, BRIDGE moderates the Catalog before it is published on the Platform.


On its User account, the Laboratory shall provide information on and update its Workload, which determines its availability.

The Laboratory status shows as "unavailable":

  • automatically: when its maximum Work load is reached.
  • manually: the Laboratory can also set its status to "unavailable".

The "unavailable" status enables the Work requests received by the Laboratory to be filtered. In this case, the Laboratory receives only those Work requests from Practitioners with which it has already worked (on the Platform) over the past two months, and from those Practitioners who have subscribed to a Package with it. The Laboratory receives no Work requests from a new Practitioner.

When the Laboratory status is “unavailable”, the Laboratory still has the option of accepting or refusing the Work request from a Practitioner with whom it has already worked at any time.

The Laboratory may, at the request of the Practitioner, provide details of its next availability, via the Platform.

During the creation of its Profile, the Laboratory can also choose to be available under certain conditions relating to Work requests or Practitioners. For example, the Laboratory may refuse Practitioners buying as a Purchase Team or can exclude a geographical area.


The Practitioner, once registered, can search for a Laboratory according to the filter criteria and parameters provided by the Platform.

The list of the results from the Laboratory search is established according to criteria chosen by the Practitioner, including reviews of Practitioners, geographic proximity, the type of products made and their manufacturing origin. The Laboratory understands and agrees to this.

The Practitioner is free to choose the Laboratory with which he wishes to work.



Once registered, the Practitioner can make a Work request to a Laboratory in the form of a Work Sheet.

The Work sheet must specify all the information necessary for carrying out the Work and the Practitioner’s desired delivery date.

The Laboratory is then required to deal with the Work request within the limits of its availability.

If accepted by the Laboratory, the Work request is automatically sent to the Laboratory and appears as "waiting to be processed".

As long as the Work request appears as "waiting to be processed", the Practitioner may change or cancel the Work sheet. After this period, the conditions of withdrawal and modification of the Work request will be determined exclusively between the Laboratory and the Practitioner, under the terms of their contractual relationship.

In the event of a refusal on the part of the Laboratory, it will inform the Practitioner as soon as possible. The status of the Practitioner’s Work request will then be "refused". As a result, neither the Laboratory nor the Practitioner making the request is liable for any obligation towards the other. The Practitioner can then pass his Work request, using the same Work sheet, to another Laboratory.


If the Work requested is accepted, and after it has been processed, the Practitioner will receive an e-mail notification informing him that the Laboratory is undertaking the Work, and he will be able to view the corresponding validated Laboratory sheet.

The Practioner’s Work request to the Laboratory, based on the Laboratory’s Profile, formalizes his desire to contract the Laboratory.

The validation of the Work sheet by the Laboratory constitutes its acceptance. A contract is therefore entered into between the Laboratory and the Practitioner. BRIDGE is not a party in this contract.

The Practitioner acknowledges and agrees that the contract thus entered into between the Laboratory and the Practitioner as a result of his Work request only determines the terms and conditions under which the Laboratory will perform the Work (provided by the Laboratory in its Profile) including Work deadlines, rates, transport arrangements, cancellation terms and restrictions.

It is understood that once the contract has been entered into, any cancellation or modification by the Practitioner of his Work request, will result in the re-invoicing of any costs incurred by the Laboratory for the processing of the Practitioner’s Work request. VALIDATION OF DENTAL IMPRESSIONS

Once notification of acceptance has been received, the Practitioner is required to send the Laboratory the Impressions needed to carry out the Work, so the Laboratory can determine them usability.

The processed Impressions Prints may be sent in a traditional format (an impression material) or an optical format (one or more “.stl” files).

Traditional dental impressions are sent between the Practitioner and the Laboratory through the Laboratory’s usual mode of transportation, with the cost being borne or not by the Practitioner, at the Laboratory’s discretion. The Practitioner will be provided with this information by the Laboratory.

If the Laboratory considers the Impressions to be unusable, it must inform the Practitioner as soon as possible so that the Practitioner can send new Prints to the Laboratory according to the conditions and terms agreed between them.

If the Laboratory considers the Impressions to be usable, it is required to amend and issue the Lab sheet as a Purchase Order. ISSUING OF A PURCHASE ORDER

Once the Laboratory has validated the Impressions, it will use the edit Platform to issue the Purchase order corresponding to the Work list requested by the Practitioner and containing:

  • the quantities produced and dispatched,
  • prices of the products (as indicated in the Catalog).

The Purchase order can be viewed on the Platform and indicates the cost of the Work. The Laboratory may decide to include delivery costs in this price.


The Laboratory must apply the rates currently listed in its Catalog on the date of the Practitioner’s Work request.

Except in the case of a Package, the Laboratory can apply a higher price than that indicated in its Catalog on the day of the Work request.

For Practitioners with having subscribed to a Package, the Laboratory is required to apply the special rates indicated on the date the Practitioner subscribes to the Package.

The Work is paid for in the currency of the Laboratory. If the Practitioner wishes to work with a Laboratory that does not use the same currency, it will cover the exchange rate fees charged by its own bank. TERMS OF PAYMENT

When the Work request is sent by the Practitioner, his bank details are saved via the Platform, thanks to the secure tool Mango Pay (

On the 25th of each month, the Practitioner is charged amounts owed for the period from the previous month, namely from the 25th of the previous month to the end of the 24th of the current month.

As a result of this charge, the Practitioner receives a receipt published by the Platform, on which the relevant Work list and/or Packages appear.

The Laboratory receives the aforementioned paid amounts on the 6th of the following month, via the secure tool Mango Pay.

However, it should be remembered that BRIDGE acts only as an intermediary through the Platform connecting Users.

As a result, the Laboratory acknowledges and agrees that it is solely responsible for the invoicing of its actions, errors, omissions, as well as those of any person under his responsibility.

The Laboratory invoiceis addressed to the Practitioner who provided the Work request and according to the information provided on his Profile.

No invoice may be addressed by the Laboratory to any natural or legal person, which has not registered on the Platform and does not adhere to these terms.

However, at the request of the Practitioner, the Laboratory may send its invoice via the Platform’s messaging system. COMPLETION OF WORK

The Laboratories are solely responsible for the execution of Works.

If a delay occurs in the estimated times for completion or delivery, the Laboratory shall inform the Practitioner immediately, by any means, of the delay and its consequences.

Once the Work is completed, the Laboratory can print a Work Summary Coupon from the Platform, which it can attach when it sends out the finished Work.

The Practitioner is informed of the final cost of the Work for each Lab sheet after the Impressions have been received and the Purchase order issued by the Laboratory, through a receipt which can be viewed on the Platform.


If the Laboratory allows, the Practitioner may make a Fast Pass request, to obtain Work within a shorter time period than Laboratory’s usual delivery time, for an additional charge.

In this case, the Laboratory shall inform the Practitioner before the Lab sheet is validated of any additional costs for Fast Pass delivery.

The Work delivery times, following a Work request made through a Lab sheet, are those indicated by the Laboratory and depend:

  • on the production time and the Laboratory’s Workload;
  • on the transportation time for Impressions or Work between the Laboratory and the Practitioner;
  • on the complexity of the Work;
  • of any risks.

These delivery times can be viewed for guidance on the Laboratory’s Profile and can be adjusted by the Laboratory.

No penalty for delay or damages may be claimed from BRIDGE if these time limits are exceeded.

BRIDGE is not responsible for production or delivery delays.

BRIDGE cannot be held liable for a production or delivery delay, or for loss or damage to an Impression or Work during handling or transport.

4.6.5 CLAIMS

The Laboratory is entirely and exclusively responsible for the quality of processing and the Work carried out..

The Laboratory shall inform the Practitioner of the warranties, conditions and terms of Work.

The Laboratory undertakes to respect the conditions, terms and warranties provided to the Practitioner and to provide Work that is consistent with the Practitioner’s Work request.

Any complaint about the Work carried out by the Laboratory must be addressed directly to the Laboratory.

However, BRIDGE offers arbitration between the parties, which can be requested through the online contact form, under the heading "arbitration".



In return for the use of the Platform and its Services, BRIDGE applies a commission to Laboratories based on the Work carried out through the Platform. The amount and terms are specified in the Special Terms Of Use applicable to Laboratories.


The Practitioner, if he so wishes, may subscribe to a Package with the Laboratory of his choice which offers this Service.

The Practitioner may only subscribe to one Package per Laboratory.

The Package is purchased, via the Platform, and starts on the day on which the Practitioner validates his commitment, and for the duration determined in the Laboratory Package offer.

The Practitioner, by subscribing to the Laboratory’s Package, undertakes to pay a minimum amount, determined by the Laboratory Package offer, for all the Work requests that he makes to the Laboratory as part of the Package for the duration specified by the Laboratory.

If the Practitioner’s Work requests for a month do not reach the monthly minimum amount for the Package, the Package will be deferred.

Conversely, if the amount of the Work requests for the month exceeds (after any Package deferment) the amount agreed for the Package, those Work requests falling outside the scope of the Package (non-Package) are invoiced at the discount rate (as applied in the case of a Package).

In return for its commitment, the Practitioner receives a discount of at least 15% (as determined by the Laboratory) on the Catalog price.

The duration of the remaining Package can be viewed at any time by the Laboratory and the Practitioner on the Platform.

If the Practitioner wishes to terminate his Package, he remains liable for any non-Package amounts due. The Package cancellation terms are determined by the Laboratory’s offer.


A Purchase team may be formed by a minimum of two (2) Practitioner Main accounts to enable them to meet the conditions for accessing the Package and the associated discounts applied by the Laboratory.

In order to form a Purchase team, Practitioners must:

  • be have had a Main account registered for at least three (3) months;
  • have already worked with the relevant Laboratory for the Purchase team being formed.

Practitioners wishing to form a Purchase team will be required to designate a Team leader, who is in charge of planning the formation of the Team and determining the entry and exclusion conditions for members of the Team.

The Purchase team is established for a term fixed by the Laboratory’s offer.

Each Member of the Team indicates the minimum fixed amount that he intends to pay monthly for the specified period.

Each Team member receives the same discount.

The Team leader can add an additional member, at his discretion, or exclude an existing Member according to the conditions that he has specified.

The Team members are jointly responsible for the non-payment of any of the members of their Team.

Each Laboratory is free to accept or refuse to Work with Purchase teams.


As soon as a Work is received by the Practitioner, he may submit a review on the Platform.

Reviews include a score for the following criteria:

  • cleanliness of the dentures;
  • accuracy of contact points / occlusion / fit;
  • adherence to shape / color;
  • availability / attentiveness of the Laboratory;
  • adherence to production and delivery times.

Comments may be added to reviews with the option to attach supporting evidence.

If the Practitioner chooses for the review to be “private”, reviews and comments can only be viewed by the relevant Laboratory.

Reviews and comments appear on Laboratory Profiles and may be subject to moderation by BRIDGE.

BRIDGE invites and encourages Users to share their feedback, comments and suggestions to improve the Platform and its Services.

Users can send their comments via email on the Platform, using the "Contact" form.

Users acknowledge and agree that all Feedback sent via the Platform becomes the full and exclusive property of BRIDGE which may use it freely to improve the Platform and its Services.



The User shall ensure he regularly checks the latest version of these terms.

In the event that the User fails to comply with these terms of use, BRIDGE reserves the right to suspend its Services without notice, and/or to deny the User access to the Platform.


The User understands and acknowledges that he is solely responsible for complying with laws, rules and regulations, and any tax obligations that may govern the use of the Platform.

When using the Platform, the User may not and agrees not to:

  • violate any local, regional, or national law, or other applicable laws or regulations, or any decision of a court, including tax regulations;
  • use the Platform, for any commercial purpose or other purposes not expressly permitted by these terms;
  • falsely involve the approval of BRIDGE, his partnership or mislead anyone in any other way about his relationship with BRIDGE;
  • weaken, hold or adversely affect the BRIDGE trade mark in any way whatsoever, including through the unauthorized use of its Collective content, the registration and / or use of the word BRIDGE or of derived terms in names, trade names, brands, or other source identifiers, which closely mimic, or are similar to these, in order to cause confusion with BRIDGE domain names, brands, slogans, advertising campaigns or Collective content ;
  • copy, store, access or use in any other way, all information contained on the website for purposes not expressly permitted by these Terms Of Use;
  • harm or damage the Platform or its Services, including through the use of viruses, cancel bots, Trojan horses, malicious code, ping request attacks, denial of service attacks, covert means, forged IP address or packets, falsified routing or e-mail address information or similar methods and technologies;
  • use the Platform to distribute unsolicited e-mail ("spam") or advertisements not related to the purpose of the Platform;
  • offer, as a Laboratory, Work not produced by it, or that it is not entitled to distribute as a Laboratory;
  • open more than one Main account or open a Main account with a different identity to that of the User, natural or legal person;
  • unless expressly authorized to do by BRIDGE, make a Work request for patients who are not monitored by the prescribing Practitioner;
  • contact a Laboratory for any purpose other than to ask it a question about its Work operations, or about a particular piece of Work which has been carried out or is to be carried out through a Lab sheet;
  • contact a Practitioner for any purpose other than to ask him a question about a particular piece of Work which has been carried out or is to be carried out through a Lab sheet or his use of the Platform;
  • invite any User to use Services or third-party sites which compete with those of the Platform, without the prior written consent of BRIDGE;
  • impersonate any natural or legal person, falsify any document or make false statements regarding the User or his affiliation with another legal or natural person;
  • use automated scripts to collect information on the Platform or otherwise interact with the Platform;
  • use the Platform to find a Laboratory or a Practitioner and subsequently produce a Work request independently of the Platform, for any reason whatsoever;
  • as a Laboratory, submit a Catalog which includes misleading or incorrect information (particularly prostheses that the Laboratory cannot produce at the request of the Practitioner), or submit a Catalog showing prices other than those used;
  • post, download, publish, submit or transmit any content that:
    • forges, misappropriates or violates a patent, a copyright, a brand, a factory secret, a moral right or any other intellectual property right, the image right or the privacy of a third party;
    • jeopardizes or encourages any conduct that would violate any law or regulation or which would result in civil liability;
    • is fraudulent, false or misleading;
    • incites discrimination, fanaticism, racism, sexism, hatred, harassment or attacks on an individual or a group;
    • is violent or threatening or promotes violence or threatening acts against any other person;
    • or encourages the use of dangerous or illegal substances or activities.
  • systematically retrieve data or other content from the Platform to create or compile, directly or indirectly, via one or several downloads, a collection, compilation, database, directory or other similar grouping, manually, using robots or otherwise;
  • use, display, copy, or reproduce the Platform or any individual item of the Platform, the name BRIDGE, any brand, logo or information exclusive to BRIDGE, or the layout page and the concept of any page or form contained on a page the Platform without BRIDGE’s written consent;
  • test the vulnerability of any BRIDGE system or network or circumvent any authentication or security measures;
  • accept or make a payment for fees, for any ongoing commitment or prostheses obtained by a Lab sheet, apart from the payment system online Platform (via Mangopay). If the User does, he acknowledges and agrees that it:
    • violates these terms;
    • accepts all risks and responsibilities for this payment;
    • and holds BRIDGE harmless from any liability for such a payment.


BRIDGE has the right to investigate and take legal action for any violation of the terms outlined above and to the extent permitted by law.

BRIDGE may access, retain, and disclose the information given by Users if it has a legal obligation to do so.

The User acknowledges that BRIDGE has no obligation to control access or use of the Platform, the Collective content or to review or edit any User content.

It is understood that the information provided by the User at the time of registration may be processed by BRIDGE to improve the Platform and its Services.

The User can modify its data or ask BRIDGE to make modifications for him.

BRIDGE reserves the right, at any time and without notice, but through mere information by any means, to remove any Collective content or deactivate access to it if BRIDGE, at its sole discretion, considers this content to be objectionable for any reason, contrary to these terms.


BRIDGE may, at its sole discretion and without liability towards the User, decide to limit, suspend, disable or cancel the User’s account, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time.

In this case, all of the following measures may be taken, with or without notice being given to the User:

  • his BRIDGE account will be disabled or suspended, his password will be disabled and he will no longer be allowed access to the Platform.
  • all Work requests in progress will be immediately cancelled.
  • in the case of radiation in a Laboratory, BRIDGE may contact its Practitioner customers having carried out Work requests via the Platform, to offer them other Laboratories available on the Platform.
  • the User cannot claim any compensation for Work requests (even if Impressions have been received at the Laboratory) which have been cancelled as a result of a suspension, deactivation or termination of his account.

Users can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to BRIDGE.

All PD associated with the account of the departing User, with the exception of the Collective content, is retained for only one (1) month after he has unsubscribed to allow technical services to carry out the necessary measures, with the exception of Feedback.


BRIDGE strives to maintain the Platform and its content in an appropriate condition for use, up-to-date and accurate.

However, BRIDGE does not guarantee that the Platform and its content are free of errors, defects, malware or viruses.

BRIDGE cannot be held liable for any damage arising from the use of (or the inability to use) the Platform, including damage caused by malware, viruses, or any inaccuracy or omission in information on the Platform.

BRIDGE cannot be held liable for damages arising from the use of (or inability to use) electronic means of communication with the Platform, including damage as a result of a failure, delayed transmission, interception or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs and the transmission of viruses.


Under these terms, Users and BRIDGE undertake to respect and enforce the current regulations applicable to the processing of personal data and, in particular, (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 applicable as of May 25, 2018. Users and BRIDGE undertake to comply with current legislation, in all its developments, on the processing of personal data (PD).


Users are informed and acknowledge that all operations carried out on PD are conducted as part of the execution of these terms and in order to ensure the functioning and purpose of the Platform, namely linking between Practitioners and Laboratories.

BRIDGE, the data controller, is processes personal data for the purpose of managing its User accounts and its commercial relations, especially for order placement, monitoring, and history, to allow its Users to download and view their accounting documents and to enable them to benefit from promotions and personalized recommendations.

This processing is based on the execution of existing or future contracts on the BRIDGE Platform, the consent of its Users, and the legitimate interest of BRIDGE.

The legitimate interest of BRIDGE involves the need to implement and improve its Services and to constantly improve its benefits to its Users, including through knowledge of their business needs.

Its Users can withdraw their consent at any time. This withdrawal will not call into question the legality of the collection and retention of data prior to this withdrawal.

The data collected is required for this processing and is intended for the relevant Services of BRIDGE and its subcontractors and providers. The data is kept for the duration of the contractual relationship plus the duration of any legal requirements.

Users have a right of access, rectify or delete, limit the processing of their data, the right to object, the right to the portability of their data and the right to set guidelines concerning the fate of their data after their death.

Users can also withdraw their consent at any time and make a claim to a supervisory authority. If a User exercises his rights as listed above, BRIDGE will retain some of his personal information and his request to ensure the effective exercising of his rights.

Users can send any requests via e-mail to the following address: or by post for the attention of the DPO, BRIDGE, 25 rue Bleue 75009 Paris, accompanied by a copy of an identity card.

Except in the case of Collective content, PD collected in this way is retained for the duration of the User’s registration and for one (1) month after he has unsubscribed, in order to allow for updates to the Platform, and is intended for BRIDGE and Users of the Platform.


As part of the use of the Platform, Practitioners may process their patients’ PD.

As medical professionals, Users of the Platform declare and acknowledge that they comply with the regulations relating to PD protection.

Given the sensitive nature of the data processed, Users undertake to inform patients that their personal data may be processed for the sole purpose of enforcing these terms.

The patient data provided by Users is retained on the Platform only for the period taken to execute a Work request, with the exception of the Collective content.

Archiving of documents containing such PD is carried out according to procedures which comply with current legislation and, in all cases, the parties allow the relevant individuals to exercise their rights if they ask to do so (access, copy, information, erasure or rectification).


With the exception of Feedback, any User who publishes content protected by an intellectual property right on the Platform retains full ownership of everything he has published.

All intellectual property rights, especially copyright, relating to the structure of the Platform as well as texts, images, videos, online tutorials, photographs, sound and any other element of the website remains the exclusive property of BRIDGE.

Any use, whether commercial or not, including any download, copy, reproduction, distribution, transmission, dissemination, adaptation, translation or full or partial representation of the Platform by any means and current or future process or on any current or future medium without prior BRIDGE written agreement, is prohibited and may result in legal proceedings.

Any use authorized in advance and in writing of items which appear on the website and are owned by BRIDGE or a User must be carried out without distortion, modification or alteration.


These Terms Of Use are governed by French law.

Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or their execution as well as relations between BRIDGE and a User after an amicable attempt at reconciliation falls under the jurisdiction of the courts of Paris, France.

These Terms of Use are written in French and any translation in a foreign language is made purely for information purposes, the French version being the prevailing version.